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Specializing in criminal law, Ralph Torres has skillfully protected the rights of the accused for over 25 years. At The Law Office of Ralph Torres, you will receive the benefit of his superior experience; you can be confident that he will protect your rights at every stage of the legal process. Mr. Torres has proven himself at all levels of the criminal justice system. This expertise can benefit you whether you are dealing with a first-time traffic ticket, a misdemeanor or even the most serious of charges.

Ralph Torres has litigated well over 100 felony jury trials to verdict. He has defended some of the most high-profile criminal cases in recent Fresno County history. Attorney Torres has an extensive knowledge of the California Penal and Evidence Codes and is highly trained in the trial preparation and presentation of complex criminal cases, including homicides and capital murder cases. He has experience in all the courts in Fresno County and has worked closely with most, if not all, of its judges. Allow his superior experience to work for you and contact our law office today.

Outstanding Reputation

Ralph Torres has earned the respect of not only his peers in the criminal defense community but also the prosecutors in the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office who have faced him in criminal litigation. Everyone in the legal community knows that he will fight effectively to protect your rights. Ralph Torres is a proven winner.

The Law Office of Ralph Torres takes each and every case very seriously. Mr. Torres will make sure that each case is properly prepared and litigated. He will work tirelessly to make sure we present the best possible defense on your behalf. Your family, your career, your future and your freedom deserve nothing less. Put his outstanding reputation to work for you. Call us now.

Aggressive Representation

The Law Office of Ralph Torres will defend you against any criminal charge in all state and federal courts in California and across the United States.

Winning Results

Mr. Torres has a distinguished record of acquittals in the Fresno County criminal courts. His trial experience runs through the entire spectrum of criminal charges. From DUI to capital murder, Mr. Torres has proven that he can provide you with a skilled and compelling defense. He has represented numerous clients accused of murder and later acquitted after a jury trial. In 2005, he defended Marcus Wesson in the biggest mass murder trial in Fresno County’s history.

In 2009, Mr. Torres represented Phillip Landry, a young man accused of the home invasion robbery and assault of a retired judge and his wife. The jury found Mr. Landry not guilty.

In 2011, Attorney Torres represented Donald Hamilton, who was accused of the unlawful taking of a vehicle and receiving stolen property and was facing a three-strikes allegation, which exposed him to a minimum of 25 years to life in prison. The jury found Mr. Hamilton not guilty.

In 2012, Mr. Torres represented Rafael Vega against charges of attempted murder and robbery, exposing him to life in prison. The vote was 10-2 for not guilty, but the jury was not unanimous and a mistrial was declared. Mr. Vega later accepted a hard-fought plea agreement guaranteeing that he will be released soon. An absolute victory.

Most recently in 2012, Mr. Torres represented Alejandro Barra against charges of capital murder, which exposed him to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Despite a vote of 10-2 for not guilty, the jury could not come to a unanimous verdict, and the court declared a mistrial. The case was later settled for a plea to voluntary manslaughter, and he too will be released soon. Another impressive victory.

The list of successful trial defenses is long and remarkable. So please contact our office today and allow us to defend you. We offer payment plans and competitive rates.

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